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There is no place in the world like the K2 Canine Training Center.  Uniquely equipped for the execution of canine training in North Carolina and handler instruction of all varieties, our expansive 125-acre facility provides the ultimate level of instruction, training and management for your canine program.  Whatever your requirement, we have the infrastructure to support it.  Whatever the need or capability, we have the personnel, training areas, equipment and expertise to facilitate it.

Canine Detection Services

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Worldwide Leader in Canine Services

K2 has provided over 800 certified Detection Canines to clients all over the world.  We continue to set the standard for excellence in canine detection services.  Our elite team of trainers use proven methods to produce canines of the absolute highest caliber, capable of reliably and consistently detecting all target odors in even the most adverse situations. K2 Solutions is unequaled in canine training in NC and beyond.

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Canine Sales and Services

Canine Sales

Bred to work.  Trained to the highest levels of performance. Confident and reliable canines for your consideration with the drive to go beyond the call every time.

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Handler Training Courses

Comprehensive handler education programs that are effective and affordable.

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If it exists, our canines can be trained to detect it.  Maximize the security of your workplace, school, or event with our invaluable yet cost effective detection services.

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Law Enforcement and Security

We specialize in preparing canines and their handlers for today’s increasingly complex law enforcement challenges.

Results guaranteed.

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Research & Development

Cutting edge canine training techniques and equipment solutions that solve complex problems. Leading the way with innovative prototypes, unique training methods, and creative approaches through strategic partnerships.

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Canine Procurement

Our formal canine selection process seeks qualified canines for inclusion into our specialized training programs.  Click to submit your canine for evaluation.

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We are a Proud and Award-Winning Employer of Veterans

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