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Weapons Focused

Since 2003, K2 has provided continual support to ARDEC and Project Manager Soldier Weapons (PM-SW). This long standing relationship over multiple contracts has been a direct result of K2’s ability to deliver quality work and professional SMEs with mission tested combat and advisory experience. Our SMEs provide progressive and effective weapons training, along with programmatic, technical, and test support and evaluation. Our SMEs constantly interact and communicate with the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), DARPA, ARL, USASOC G8, and USSOCOM.

GDS Training, Range 37 FT BRagg, NCFirst and foremost, K2 SMEs facilitate RDT&E efforts regarding weapons systems to satisfy unfilled requirements.


  • Modification to Current Systems
  • Development of New Systems
  • Development of New Ammunition
  • Modification to Current Weapons Accessories
  • Development of New Weapons Accessories


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