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At K2, we firmly believe in our mission of continued service to the nation and that the goals of that mission are shaped by the experiences and values of those who hold the highest posts.

Possessing rich and diverse industry knowledge, our executive management team delivers an unprecedented level of commitment and value to our clients.  K2’s Executive Leadership has participated in each area of Combat Operations since 1983.  It is the honesty, integrity and loyalty of our corporate leadership that has guided K2’s path from the beginning. It is their ability to draw these qualities out in others that has propelled K2’s success.  The hard work and passion of our talented employee-owners, supported by the vision and guidance of our Executive Leadership allows K2 to rapidly execute winning strategies and effectively guide operations no matter the challenge.

Lane Kjellsen


Jim Lynch


Jeff Butler

Vice President/Sales and Business Development

Renee Schouwenaars

Vice President/Finance

Tracy Campbell

Vice President/Canine Operations

Michael Jacobs

Board of Advisors

LTG Bennet Sacolick, Ret.

Board of Advisors

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