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Jim Lynch

Jim Lynch,  President and COO, As Chief Operating Officer, his tactical and strategic expertise are applied to the development and design of systems used in all areas of daily operations.

Mr. Lynch retired from the Army with over twenty-one years of military service across a multitude of leadership in the Special Forces. He has an extensive background in areas of Special Operations, including small unit strikes, foreign internal defense, unconventional warfare, counterterrorism operations, strategic reconnaissance, and operations and intelligence techniques. His experience involved target analysis, battlefield operations systems, and intelligence preparation for the battlefield. Mr. Lynch served as Senior Small Group Leader at the Special Forces Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Academy, where he provided leader training, developmental counseling and supervision for senior NCOs. Mr. Lynch also held a General Schedule (GS) position performing contract management functions, including quality assurance and evaluation (QAE) duties for the US Air Force.

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